Can I Junk a Car Without a Title in Illinois?

Can I Junk a Car Without a Title in Illinois?

Yes, you can junk a car without a title in Illinois.

Here’s how, according to Illinois state law, the only way you’ll be able to sell a car with no title is to either sell it for salvage or donate it to a junk car buyer.

We will walk you through all of the steps to ensure you have all of the proper documentation when you sell your junk car without a title for cash.

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Junking a Car With No Title? No Problem

Certified No Title Junk Car Buyers
We Buy Junk Cars With No Title in Illinois

Wondering if your junk car still has value without a title? We will buy it for cash and ensure you have all the documentation and paperwork you need. If your junk car does not have a title and you wish to sell it to us for cash, we can buy your junk car with no title after a few simple steps. While having a title does speed up the process, our team members are trained experts and are happy to help you retrieve the necessary documents to transfer ownership of the vehicle. We accept any junk car without a title, as long as:

  • It’s 10 years or older
  • The vehicle’s registration matches your ID

The Process of Selling Your Car Without a Title in Illinois

We will free up space by taking your junk car and putting cash in your hand with our quick, convenient, hassle-free process. Whether your junk car doesn’t have a title, spent time underwater or flooded, has fire damage, or has been completely totaled, we will happily give you an offer, and upon your acceptance, will pay you cash on the spot.

A few of the types of vehicles we will buy from you include: cash for junk cars chicago customer

  • Trucks, SUV’s, vans, cars
  • Cars with no title
  • Cars with no keys
  • Cars that don’t start
  • Cars with bad transmissions
  • Cars with no tires
  • Cars with water damage
  • Cars with fire damage
  • Totaled or wrecked cars
  • Junk cars

If you have a vehicle that isn’t listed above, simply contact us and we will let you know if we can take it off of your hands for you. We always pay fair prices and are proud to offer more than most junk car buyers.

What Is a Junk Title in Illinois?

A junk title in Illinois refers to a salvaged title. Once it’s confirmed that your vehicle is considered salvaged, you must obtain a salvage title from the Secretary of State’s office.  

In Illinois, unlike many other states, there are strict rules for cars that have been significantly damaged. If the damage to a vehicle is one-third or more of its value, it’s labeled as “salvaged.” When this happens, the vehicle needs to get a new title indicating its salvaged status before it can be legally sold or fixed.

A rebuilt vehicle in Illinois is defined as, “any vehicle declared salvaged due to theft, abandonment, structural or severe cosmetic damage, or another form of total loss that has been repaired and/or inspected by a licensed rebuilder.” 

Important Notes

The following items are listed directly from the Vehicle Services Department Rebuilt Vehicle Titles
Fact Sheet:

  1. Illinois dealers are PROHIBITED from selling salvaged vehicles to the public per Illinois law. Illinois dealers that have acquired a salvaged vehicle must first obtain a rebuilt title in their name.
  2. 2. Only licensed rebuilders can bring a vehicle out of salvage in the state of Illinois. If the applicant is not a licensed rebuilder, they must contract with a licensed rebuilder to obtain a rebuilt title.
  3. Salvaged vehicles do not qualify for license plates and may not legally be driven until a rebuilt title is issued. However, permits may be obtained to take the vehicle to and from the inspection stations ONLY.
  4. Junked vehicles cannot be rebuilt. Once a vehicle has been declared junked, it can only be used for parts.
  5. Applications for rebuilt salvage titles cannot be processed at local Driver Services facilities.
  6. These procedures are only for vehicles that are CURRENTLY titled as salvage. If the vehicle is already titled as rebuilt, you may apply for title and plates at your local Driver Services facility. If our office discovers the vehicle was previously titled in Illinois as salvage, you may receive a letter requesting the vehicle to be reinspected if the vehicle was rebuilt out of state.

The documents must be mailed to the following address:

  • Secretary of State
  • ATTN: Rebuilts
  • 501 S. Second St. – Room 698
    Springfield, IL 62756

You still might be wondering, how can I sell my car without title?

How Do I Get Rid of a Car With No Title in Illinois?

According to Illinois state law, the only way you’ll be able to get rid of a car with no title is to either sell or donate it for salvage. If a Salvage Title has been issued on a vehicle, the seller must provide the buyer with a Disclosure of Rebuilt Vehicle form.

Since salvage vehicles cannot be registered in the state of Illinois, this form is required – make sure you complete this form and provide a copy to the buyer.

When it’s time to renew your annual vehicle registration, you will need to send this form to the secretary of state. This record prevents junked vehicles from being re-titled. The address information for the secretary of state is:

  • Office of the Secretary of State
    213 State Capitol
    Springfield, IL 62756

    115 S. LaSalle St., Ste. 300
    Chicago, IL 60603

Is It Bad to Buy Something With No Title?

Yes, it is technically possible to buy a car with no title, or more likely when the seller doesn’t have the title in hand at the time of purchase, but you’re subjecting yourself to unnecessary risk. If you want to drive your car legally, you’ll need to register it, get a license plate, insure it, and have a title.

If purchasing a vehicle from a private individual, it is the buyer’s responsibility to have the
title put in his or her name within 20 days.

Normally, when someone sells a motor vehicle, it’s their job to get the proper ownership document – the title. If the seller does not possess the title, then the only way to legally sell the motor vehicle in Illinois is through a salvage or junk sale. This helps ensure that all car sales and purchases are 100% legal and that stolen vehicles are not legally sold or traded.

Why is buying a car with no title risky?

Because the person who is holding the title might claim ownership of it down the road. So, in essence, you could have legally purchased the car per se, but the owner illegally sold it to you. 

No matter what, you will need the title if you want to put the car in your name, or if you’re considering 3rd party financing – a car loan – to pay for it.

Who Buys Cars Without Titles in Illinois?

We do! Buying salvage or junk cars without titles is one of the most popular ways for vehicle owners to sell their car, truck, van, or SUV without having the title.

If you don’t have the title for your vehicle, there are still ways to sell it. Some buyers might be willing to purchase your vehicle even if you don’t have the official title, as long as you can show other valid proof that you own the vehicle being sold.

Here are three options for selling a car without a title in Illinois:

  • Lost or Stolen Title: If the car title was misplaced or stolen, you can request a duplicate title. Then once you receive the duplicate title, you can then complete the sale. To protect against fraud, duplicate titles are not issued within 15 days from the issuance of an original title, or 30 days from the issuance of a duplicate title. When you are seeking to correct information on your title, and your title is not lost, stolen or mutilated, you must apply for a Corrected Title.
  • Liens: If a bank is the lien holder on the vehicle, whether you’re making timely payments or the bank repossessed your vehicle because you missed loan payments, you’ll need to ask the bank directly about how to transfer the title to the new owner. This usually requires the loan to be paid off, and the associated vehicle to be free from debt.
  • Sell your vehicle without title to Cash for Junk Cars Chicago!

At Cash for Junk Cars Chicago we buy vehicles without a title, you’ll just need to prove ownership with the vehicle’s registration or license plate number.  So stop asking Google and Siri for how to “scrap car without title near me.”  We can scrap your car and also offer scrap vehicle pickup

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Free Towing For Junk Cars With No Title or Registration

Can I Junk a Car Without a Title in Illinois?Can’t get the car to us? No problem! At Cash For Junk Cars Chicago, we never charge you a tow fee or any other hidden fees. Did we mention that we will also pick up the junk car within 24 hours? Yes, that’s free too!

We believe you are entitled to every penny your vehicle is worth, so we never charge any fees for picking up or recycling your junk car or even for your initial quote. This ensures that you get the maximum payout available, and don’t have to spend a portion of it to have the junk car removed from your property. It’s our goal to quickly and efficiently take your junk car off your hands.

Efficient, Environmentally Conscious Junk Car Buyers -With or Without a Title

With such a quick and efficient service, it’s easy to see why selling your junk car for cash is the right choice! Quit driving that old beater around with no title, letting a broken down car take up space in your driveway, or letting that old vehicle rust away on your property and enjoy having more cash in your wallet! Cash For Junk Cars has all the necessary tools and knowledge to allow you to sell your Chicago junk car for cash, giving you more space in the driveway or garage. Our business not only provides you with quick cash but honest employees who work diligently to protect the environment by recycling as much of your junk car as possible.

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What to Expect When You Get Cash for a Junk Car With No Title

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