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Cash For Junk Cars Illinois

Get cash fast when we buy your junk car, truck, van, or SUV. The car doesn’t even have to work. Maybe it was in a car accident and is totaled. Maybe it was damaged by a fire, rain, or even a flood. Whatever the case may be, when you sell us your junk car, we’ll give you cash on the spot. No vehicle title is needed in order to get cash for your junk car. Free up the space that your junk car is taking up in your garage, driveway, curb, or yard. We’ll remove it for free and even pay you to do so! We provide our junk car removal services in Harvey and nearby areas.

We Buy Junk Cars in Any Condition Near Harvey, IL

Sell us your junk car in any condition, including:

  • Clunkers and junk vehicles
  • Vehicles that don’t start or work
  • Totaled vehicles
  • Fire-damaged vehicles
  • Water-damaged vehicles
  • Vehicles that have been in multiple car accidents
  • Vehicles without titles
  • Vehicles without keys
  • Vehicles without tires

We will give you the proper documentation you need for your records.

We buy junk cars, even if they’re totaled!

Service Area of Cash for Junk Cars, LLC

Sell your junk car to us! We’ll pay you in cash and remove the vehicle for free. We provide our junk car hauling services to all the surrounding areas:

  • Harvey, IL
  • All of Cook County
  • All of Will County
  • All of the greater Chicagoland area
  • All of Illinois

Cash For Junk Cars Near You in Harvey, IL

Cash for Junk Car Near You in Harvey, Illinois
Stop wasting money to fix your junk car. Get cash for your junk car.

Whether your junk car is near the Harvey Community Center, Ashland Park, Ingalls Memorial, the Harvey Park District, next to the Harvey bus or train stations, along the road, or taking up space in your driveway or garage, Cash For Junk Car LLC pays the best for your used car in Harvey and the surrounding areas.

We’ll even tow your old vehicle for free! (And unlike some other companies that buy your car for cash, we don’t charge fees to do so!)

Stop pouring money into fixing an old junk car. Get cash for it instead!

Whether you’re looking for cash for junk cars without the title near me, who gives the most cash for junk cars, or simply want to sell your junk car for cash, get a free quote of how much your old car is worth.

How To Sell Your Junk Car in Harvey, IL

We’ll buy your vehicle in 3 easy steps:

  1. Get a quote or call us at (773) 939-3333
  2. Tell us when to pick up your automobile (for free)
  3. We tow your vehicle and immediately pay you cash

Don’t have a Title? No problem, you’ll receive a “Bill of Sale” for your records.

Free Junk Car Towing When We Buy It (No Hidden Fees!)

Junk Car Towing for Cash
Free junk car towing (we’ll pay you cash!)

There are lots of junk car removal companies near Harvey, IL. But you should know that some companies that do this tack on fees/charges when they remove your junk car. If that happens, you won’t get as much money as what you may have been hoping for. Rather than feeling ripped off when you sell your junk vehicle for cash, you should know that we’re different. We don’t charge anything when we buy your junker – no fees or other hidden costs.

Towing away the junk vehicle away is always free!

You might be wondering why.

Well, we want you to have the best experience so that you’ll tell your friends about us when they want to sell their junk car and get cash for it. We want the process to be as easy and painless as possible.

Cash for Junk Cars Without a Title Near You

Cash for Junk Cars Without a Title | Cash for Cars No Title
No car title? Get cash for your car without a title.

Did you know that according to the US Census Bureau, in 2019, there were around 8,271 vehicles in Harvey, Illinois? 4,408 of those are owned, while 3,863 of them are rented/leased vehicles. How many of those people do you think could find the vehicle title document? Regardless of whether you can find your junk car’s title, you still might be able to get cash for your junk vehicle with no title. If your vehicle is 10 years old (or more) and has basic documentation, we’ll buy it from you, even if you don’t have the title.

That’s right! We’ll buy your junk vehicle without a title.

Of course, if you find the car’s title, that’s great, but you should know that it’s not required.

Get a free quote here or contact us!

Before Selling Your Junk Car

Once you’ve decided to have us buy your junk car, make sure to remove all personal belongings from the vehicle, including paperwork. Make sure to check:

  • Glove box
  • Under the seats
  • Between the seats
  • Trunk

Know that the vehicle’s license plate will be returned to the Illinois department of motor vehicles after we pay you cash for your junk car.

We’ll tow your scrap vehicle for free.


“Thank you for picking up my car! You guys gave me the best quote and respected the price! I thank you because my car was sitting on my yard for too long! Even without a title they offered me top cash! My registration was enough.”

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